Saturday, 13 April 2013

Learning Python again: A small step towards the big idea

Hello, so it's been a while since I updated my blog!

Well, am learning python all over again. But wait, being a 3rd year student and now knowledgeable of Java, C and other programming languages, why should I go and learn my Year 1, Computer Programming module, which consists of Python, again?

Well, the reason is simple, I've forgotten Programming, or let me say I do not have enough practice with it nowadays and that is the worse thing I believe can happen to a computer Science student who's going to graduate soon! I am not in touch with programming since nearly 4 months now! The reason: I have opted for mostly theoretical electives/modules this semester!

Moreover, the main reason is I want to become a web and a mobile application developer. I have some major projects in head, but, without a sound  knowledge and a good programming skills, I cannot become so or at least proceed. So, I'm 'refining' my programming skills.

It requires lots of hard work to be successful, and you need to be perfect or at least near perfect in what you do to be successful! I know my future projects, which are IT related, would require programming at large, so why not start trying perfecting (I know nobody can be perfect at programming!) my programming skills.

The learning stage doesn't stop with python though. I have been away from Java too, unfortunately! After python, java comes next. I really need good Java programming skills to build android apps. After Java, is Web design and development. I need  to revise the Web Technologies modules. And also learn new things apart from that since we have now HTML 5 and CSS 3 which were not included in the module at the time I was doing Web Tech.

Well, there is lots of hard work to do! And, let's be positive and think that 'Hard Work Pays Off!' like it did for many!

Some quotes:

I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'
- Muhammad Ali

“I'm a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”
- Thomas Jefferson

“Don't wish it were easier. Wish you were better.”
- Jim Rohn

“Belief means nothing without actions”
- Randa Abdel-Fattah

Thank you and see you soon!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Smile Please!

“Smile please!” this is basically the line of the cameraman! But, wait we are not going to talk about photography here, but rather on Smile! =]

Smile is a facial expression indeed! Through it, you express your happiness, joy, excitement or pleasure among others.

Do you know how powerful your smile is?

Your smile comes automatically on seeing your parent. You smile on your own foolishness or on a child’s stupidity. How beautiful is the smile that comes on the face of a child while he/she sees his/her parent who came to fetch him/her from school even before the bell rings!
Smile comes from the heart.

Have you ever wondered about the distinction between a smile and a laugh? Well, it is just that a laugh may be a form of mockery among others but a smile is genuine and pure from all negativity.
Smile is a form of charity!

It is quite funny but still a fact that someone may even have a crush on you with your smile! ;) :D

Smile is really a gift. When you smile, it not only changes your own mood but also that of others. So, when you speak to someone show him a cheerful smiling face. =] Your smile will make you look attractive and it also relieves stress.

A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.

So Smile Please! Say cheese!
Keep Smiling! =]
After all a Smile is that curve that sets everything straight =]

Don’t you think your pride and arrogance will lead you to nowhere?!

Being proud by having self-respect is perfectly healthy and acceptable. However, being too proud or arrogant, that is feeling too important and feeling that you are better and more important than other people is definitely not healthy.

 Being too proud and arrogant is not a virtue and should be avoided. Someone who is too proud thinks they are a great deal. They generally like to brag all the time, they need to show off and prove that they are better than everyone around them.

You walk down the street thinking you are the best with head so high that even looking down scares you. You wear such arrogance that you take yourself to be bigger than anyone else there. Even though you are, what difference does it make?

Is it important you look others as too little? Is it important that you do not give someone a lift just because he is poor and will dirty your car? Is it important that you ignore your parent because they are nuisance to you now? Is it important that you stop socializing with your dear ones and start socializing with those of higher class just because you are too successful and will portray a better status of yours? The answer is definitely a ‘No’ without beating around the bush! Your pride and arrogance will certainly drown you one day or the other!

Cut down your ego and reach out there to help people. It is foolishness to yield yourselves to pride and exaggeration, every human being is special and befriending someone from a lower status than yours will not be little you. If you are successful and rich enough, think yourself as lucky to be able to help the needy and think about the orphans who really don’t have someone to call as their own! Being proud of what you have will take you to nowhere, yes, but being proud of yourself of the fact that you have the capacity to help the poor is indeed another thing.

The world needs love. Be honest, lovable, humble, caring, and cut down your ego such that pride and arrogance disappear from your character. Learn to love each other by spreading peace in each other’s life. =]

Arrogance is filthy and when you are proud and arrogant, you do not accept you are wrong and your ego keeps you away from doing what is right!

So, get ready and purify your heart from this disease for a better and peaceful life! =]

How to prevent your Facebook account information from appearing in Google search results or in any other search engine?

Have you ever google search your name? Well if you are on Facebook with the same name, you will probably see your facebook account information listed in the google search results or probably on any other search engine search results as well, because, by default, facebook links your timeline to search engines. 

"When real world friends look for you using a search engine, this setting makes it possible for them to see a preview of your Facebook timeline (containing only info that's public). " 
- Facebook

Well, if you wish that your facebook information are not displayed in search engines, here is a series of steps you may undertake:


1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Go to 'Privacy Settings' as shown below

   On clicking on ‘Privacy Settings’, the following window will appear:

3. On the same page, in the 'Who can look me up?' section, you will find the setting, as shown below, click on 'Edit':

4. On clicking on 'Edit' the following will appear:
   You will notice that the option for letting other search engines link to your timeline is selected (ticked).
   Click on the tick.

5. The following will appear:
    Click on 'Confirm'.

You will now notice that the tick in that box has disappear.

And you are done!